After twenty years practicing in some of the best known and oldest downtown Portland law firms, Andrew T. Reilly started Stillwater Law Group LLC in 2016, convinced there had to be a better way.  The legal system often seemed broken; justice too frequently delayed and regularly so expensive as to be effectively denied; and the big firm model more preoccupied with collections and luxurious office space than in delivering value to the client.  So much time, effort, and expense on things that had no connection to the value of legal services being rendered or the client's needs.

Our mission is to change the game as much as possible.  We seek to effectively and efficiently deliver lower cost legal services by keeping overhead to a minimum.  No fancy or expensive office space.  No unnecessary frills or fronts.  Work virtually, not virtually working. 

Be good; be thorough; but always be efficient.

Litigation Services

- 23+ years experience in state & federal courts

- All areas of civil litigation

- Focused on cost-effective representation

- Driven by economically rational decision-making

- Extensive Experience in Trial and Appellate Courts

Mediation Services

We firmly believe in the benefits of all forms Alternative Dispute Resolution, and that the costs of mediation should not be a barrier to its pursuit.  We offer a creative and affordable "reduced risk" form of mediation, where the end cost depends on our success in overseeing a settlement. 


We offer a variety of legal services focused on efficient and economically rational

dispute resolution, with emphases in several areas of "on the ground"

experience.  Our primary goal is to resolve your dispute as quickly

and efficiently as possible, always with an eye on the costs and

benefits of whatever course you choose.

Illustrative Experience:

- Financial Elder Abuse

- Financial & Securities Fraud

- Trust & Estate Disputes

- Insurance Coverage Denials & Disputes

- Trade Secrets & Unfair Competition

- Business/Commercial Contracts & Torts

- Professional Malpractice (Real Estate/Accounting/Legal)


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